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【Phoenix Sweets - 2021 中秋曲奇禮盒 】

August 29, 2021

【Phoenix Sweets - 2021 中秋曲奇禮盒 】

【2021中秋禮盒 】


  • 1件精緻中秋主題糖霜曲奇 (用小膠袋獨立包裝)
  • 2小盒手工好味曲奇(期間限定口味: 伯爵茶朱古力粒)
  • 8塊法式布列塔尼酥餅,焙茶及咸蛋黃兩款口味,西方的傳統甜點口感配上了中式的古樸味道,為大家帶來滿滿的中秋節日喜慶感覺。
  • 8包Phoenix Sweets花果茶(口味參考: https://zh.shop.phoenixsweets.com/collections/goodbye-gift/products/fruit-and-floral-tea-pack)
  • 中秋主題糖霜曲奇、法式布列塔尼酥餅及花果茶皆以小膠袋獨立包裝。
  • 中秋主題精美禮盒包裝 (32 x 25 x 8cm)

限量優惠: 跟Decordi Moscato Spumante Dolce N.V. / Selected Wine - Pont' Limma Rosé 2016 / Selected Wine - Tamanohikari Yuzu Shu 玉乃光柚子酒 720ml一起訂購,可享$50折扣。



一般資料及訂購條款,請參閱: https://shop.phoenixsweets.com/pages/faq



  • 請在取餅後一個月*內食用。
  • *法式布列塔尼酥餅在取餅後存放在雪櫃可以保存一個月,室溫存放的話兩星期。



  • 如訂購超過20盒,可以連同取餅日期電郵 order@phoenixsweets.com 查詢大量訂購折扣。


【2021 Mid Autumn Gift Set】

We are delighted to create the 2021 Mid Autumn Gift Set to celebrate the meaningful festival with your loved ones!

The Gift Set includes:

  • 1 pc delicate handmade icing cookie in Mid Autumn Theme 
  • 2 packs of Earl Grey with Chocolate Chip homemade cookie (time limited flavour)
  • 8 pcs Galette Bretonne baked with homemade recipe refined by Phoenix Sweets.  Two perfect west-meet-east flavours are provided: 4 pcs Hojicha and 4 pcs Salted Egg Yolk flavours.
  • 8 packs Assorted Phoenix Sweets Fruit and Floral tea  (For flavour reference: https://shop.phoenixsweets.com/collections/goodbye-gift/products/fruit-and-floral-tea-pack)
  • The delicate icing cookie, Galette Bretonne and Fruit and Floral Tea are packed in small plastic bags individually.
    • Mid Autumn themed gift box packing (32 x 25 x 8cm)

    Limited Offer: Get $50 off purchasing the gift set with a Selected Wine - Decordi Moscato Spumante Dolce N.V. / Selected Wine - Pont' Limma Rosé 2016 / Selected Wine - Tamanohikari Yuzu Shu 玉乃光柚子酒 720ml, while stock last!

    Please note that as the colour is hand mixed, it is very likely that the assortment of dried flowers, colour and outlook of the cookie vary slightly from the reference photo. The product photo in this online store is for reference only.

    Order is subject to availability and on first come first serve basis. Please order at least 1-2 weeks in advance.  The earliest pick up date is 1 September 2021 (Wed).  

    Expiry Date

    • The sweets are best consumed within 1 month* from pick up. 
    • *The Galette Bretonne can be stored for 1 month in fridge after pickup, 2 weeks if stored at room temperature.

    Pick-up and Delivery Arrangement

    Bulk Order

    • For bulk order over 20 boxes, you may email us at order@phoenixsweets.com with tentative pick up date to enquire bulk discount rate.

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